Monday, March 19, 2012

Mark 9:33-41

By Letitia McConnell

I actually found these passages really hard to write on! Seriously, I had been trying to come up with something that wasn’t just retelling the story or copying what another bible resource had said that sounded super awesome. I asked people’s thoughts but I still couldn’t grasp it even though I knew there were great points to be grasped!

In regards to the first passage I get that in our quests for personal success we sometimes, if not often, strive for status of the greatest among whoever or whatever we long to be greatest among, but that Jesus’ life perfectly models that of a servant. So why do we allow pride to tell us otherwise? Why is there so many people labelled as a minority (in this passage represented by the child) all around us that we are yet to embrace and be of service to?

In regards to the second passage I get that as Christians belonging to a particular community, denomination or no denomination, we can become more concerned about our own groups position than in helping others. Yet Jesus welcomes in people from everywhere and anywhere understanding that they share a common goal of building up the kingdom of God and differences should not interfere with this goal. So why do we have feelings of indifference rise in us at times when we feel threatened by others success in growing God’s kingdom just because they aren’t a part of what we are doing or they do things different to how we would have them done?

I realised why this was so hard to write on...because it’s so challenging and freaks me out! Yes we fall short of the glory of God. But it is so awesome to see when these things go right! When communities embrace and encourage in Jesus’ name. I found that In what was such a struggle to see into I’m now super challenged to follow Christ’s example, stoked that it’s not an unpathed road we are called to walk on, and thankful that we don’t go it alone, but with Christ and each other.

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