Saturday, March 12, 2011

Matthew 4:1-11


Post by John Cadigan

I have always found rugby an engaging sport, physically fit men employing their strength, skills and tactics in a way calculated to bring them to the victory podium.

The international “test match” between nations being the opportunity for deciding which nation’s team has the supremecy over the other.

In Matthew 4:1 we see the Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the devil. It’s almost like God was inviting the devil to have a crack at Christ to test his strength, his strength of character, his moral strength and the strength of his relationship with God.

In so many points Jesus was tested and failed in nothing, not like Adam and Eve in Eden, who so quickly capitulated under very little pressure and traded the eternal for the temporary, the important for that of little value or worth.

The devil tries to bring the down fall of Christ by offering him all the delusive glory of this worlds kingdoms but in Christ he meets more than his match. This was no fallen man satan was attempting to seduce; it was a sinless Man full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whose penetrating glance pierced the world’s attractive exterior. As A W Tozer insightfully states regarding this passage,( matt. 4:8—10.)

“Beneath its gaudy allurements Christ saw the corruption and decay. He knew its glory was but bait to catch foolish victims. He knew its bright promises were all lies. Our Lord saw what other men could not see. He saw not beauty but death, a garish death that must be purchased at the price of the soul. What He saw revolted him – He would have no part of it.”

Just as when the All Blacks triumph in a hard fought test match and we , who are sometimes thousands of miles away from the field of conquest, yet boldly declare” we won” and share in the delight of victory. So it is with Christ our representative, Christ the power of God ,Christ the wisdom of God.

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