Monday, March 14, 2011

Matthew 5:1-12


Post by Bevan Whiting

I was recently unfortunately privy to a message by a loud, boof headed, power preacher entitled “Mixed Life, Mixed Blessing!” The underlying theme inferring that a life not lived strictly by the black and white religious rules of Christiandom (if there are such things) would result in us not having everything go smoothly and sweetly in our lives. I have seen less dribble on one of Levi’s (my 2 year old son) T-shirts than in this message.

In fact the complete opposite would seem true from scripture.

The Apostle Paul, who lived a life totally devoted to the Gospel, lists his ‘mixed blessings’ in 2 Corinthians 11. Most extraordinary lives endure more than their fair share of hardships. The Beatitudes are an uncomfortable series of Scriptures that are probably best overlooked by us westerners who have increasingly confused money, power, position and wellbeing as ‘blessing’ (although they sometimes are). The product of ‘blessing’ is harder to sell when packaged in mourning, insults, persecution and false accusations.

I guess God is challenging me on what I consider a ‘blessing’

The end goal of the beatitudes is Heaven, Paradise, the ultimate blessing, the Kingdom of God and I suppose anything that moves our heart and character closer to that destination is a blessing – no matter how ‘mixed’ it may seem.

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