Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Matthew 25:14-30


Let's be clear: the last thing we want to do with this parable is turn it into a self help mantra which is so often what happens with this one. The word talents that is used is probably what turns us astray. This passage does not refer to your talents and gifts and how you should use them wisely: although it is true that you ought to you use what you have been given wisely.

This passage is about a theme that is woven through the tapestry of Scripture. This theme is faithfulness.

This parable that Jesus tells is a parable that speaks of the "in-between" time that exists between Jesus' life, death and resurrection and his second coming. As Jesus tells this parable he prepares his disciples for his departure. He reminds them that when he is gone they are called to be faithful with what he has given them: the message of the kingdom.

So never mind the self help talk, the theories about how we can have "our best life now". What Jesus calls his disciples to is faithfulness. Turn off doctor Phil and Oprah and read Matthew 25. Jesus calls us to be faithful witnesses to his kingdom.

This means that we do not 'achieve' this kingdom through any means of our own but rather to be faithful is to trust that God will will do what he says he will do...

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