Thursday, April 14, 2011

Matthew 25:31-46


Post by John Cadigan

I have watched my kids play many seasons of sport, there’s the start of the competition, then the final game that seems to always come around to soon. Prize giving, where cups and awards are given for outstanding play, is the final act of the season.

Life is full of these scenarios; they seem to echo a greater reality. Things start and finish all around us. A runner crosses the line, a car, a bike, a yacht. A day begins and ends, a child is born, a life support system is switched off and a man breaths his last breath and dies.

Jesus, in response to questions raised by his disciples concerning the end of the age and the sign of his coming, shares some intriguing parables.

Sheep and goats, similar but not the same, a bit like tares [weeds that look like wheat] and wheat, hard to tell the difference between them, until both reach maturity. The full head of wheat humbly bows down when ready to harvest while the weed sticks proudly up.

The difference between the sheep and the goats is in the fact of what they did and did not do. I suspect that behind the acts of kindness, unselfish care and generosity, we have people who by their very nature are becoming more and more like the one they know, love and trust. In the end it’s not what you possess that counts for anything but what possesses you.

Lent.... Becoming by grace what God is by nature.

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