Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mark 3. 13-19

By Trevor Grenon

Jesus Chooses 12 Apostles:

From fishermen to disciples and now to becoming apostles, Peter, James and John couldn’t have conceived where following Jesus would take them. How ‘lucky’ were they, along with the other nine appointees to be chosen as apostles!

Many times, I have imagined Jesus sending me out to choose ‘The Twelve’. Would I have matched even one of my choices with his? It’s a thought that scares me.

Among these apostles were the fishermen Jesus had called from their nets to come and join him; men who were demonstrating their commitment to learning this new way of Jesus; Men who had earlier exercised genuine faith in freely leaving the reliability of their nets to follow the stirrings of their hearts. These were hearts with integrity enough to believe the truth and authority in Jesus.

The call to ministry requires the development of Godly character. I’m sure that Jesus saw the depth of character that his new apostles had, and knew in the Spirit that these were the ones on whom he would ‘build his church’.

Jesus chose character before talents; an eagerness to learn before eloquence; and perseverance over presentation.

Herein lies my personal challenge: Do I make choices each day that produce character – the kind that Jesus could use to minister, or is my development of character suffering at the expense of my tendency to focus on my talents and abilities?

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