Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mark 3:20-30

By Jake Agnew

That’s rather intense isn’t it! Unforgivable sins, demonic possession, fighting Satan and binding up the strongman… but don’t get overwhelmed- All this passage is about the authority by which Jesus is able to cast out demons- the Holy Spirit. I wanted to know how we can actually walk in the Holy Spirit authority that Jesus did.

So here are three things that we must understand and digest so they become part of who we are: Sitting, Walking and Standing.


We are saved and forgiven. If we have believe that Jesus died and paid the penalty for our rebellion against God (sin), if we have asked for his forgiveness and received him into our lives as our loving, merciful and rightful ruler, creator and father, then nothing can take away our position in Christ.

This is SO incredibly important. If you aren’t convinced of this, drench yourself in scripture about what Jesus did on the cross until you believe it!

Sitting speaks of Christ’s victory over sin, how we are victorious over sin because Jesus was victorious and we are seated with Christ in his victory.


This is all about responsibility. Now that we have this secure position in Christ, we are required to deny all those crap desires and attitudes that we had as a result of sin. This is about stepping up to the call to love others, serve them, put God first etc. etc.


Stand in the victory that God has given you. Fight the devil, be aware what he is doing in your nation, your city, your church, even know your weaknesses. Now actively oppose him. Don’t be afraid of him or cocky either. The devil is defeated and he can only try to make you afraid or trick you into believing something that is not true. Put on the full armour of God and start to praise and declare scripture over situations where the devil has influence. He may oppose you but remember Christ beat him a long time ago and you are more than a conqueror through Christ who gives you strength.

If you want a start for some more verses, read Ephesians 1-3 for sitting, Ephesians 4-5 for walking, Ephesians 6 for Standing.

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